Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions StArt foundation

These terms and conditions apply to the Leiden International Film Festival. Leiden International Film Festival is organized by the StArt foundation, Breestraat 31, 2311 CH Leiden (KVK-number: 28110080, RSIN Number: 8156.41.783). 

Your data will be handled in accordance with the privacy law. In no case will your data be provided to third parties without your explicit permission.

Cancelling tickets
Purchased tickets cannot be returned. Therefore, do check your purchase very well before finalizing the payment.

Discount tickets
A purchased discount ticket will only be a valid entry ticket in combination with a valid discount card.

House rules

When purchasing a ticket through our website, you declare to agree with our house rules. Our house rules are indicated below:

Entry ticket
Every visitor needs to have a valid entry ticket.

Instructions staff
Every visitor needs to follow the instructions given by the staff.

Consumption of one’s own food or beverages is prohibited.

Consumption of alcohol by individuals under 18 years old is prohibited by law. In case of doubt, we have an obligation to ask for identification.

Smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the entire cinema. It is only permitted outside the building. Smoking so-called “e-cigarettes” is not allowed inside the movie theatre.

Mobile phone
Inside the movie theatre, the sound of mobile phones should be switched off at all times to prevent nuisance.

You are not intended to disturb others in the movie theatre. Please take the other visitors into account.

Recording equipment
Both the recording of audio and of visual material is prohibited.

Ticket discount
Only upon displaying a valid discount card.

After the movie has started playing, access to the theatre can be denied.

Cineville reservations
Cineville reservations expire 30 minutes before the start of the movie.