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We thank all our partners, both individuals and organisations, who are engaged with LIFF.

Are you interested in becoming a LIFF Friend or do you, as a company, want to align your brand with LIFF to create more brand visibility? Then LIFF is the place to be! LIFF offers a platform for big and small independent films and makers of the future, where films that are completely bonkers also get a place -- all with a playful and quirky touch. By contributing to LIFF, you help develop a great film festival and support the work of artists in film, allowing creative and independent voices to flourish.

LIFF always seeks collaborations with museums, theatres, pop stages and other cultural institutions. Are you a community and/or cultural institution looking for innovative ways to cross-pollinate with the medium of film? Get in touch with us!

Our awesome partners are: 

Partners & Sponsoren

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