LIFF Friend

Looove LIFF and want to enjoy all kinds of perks, like early access to tickets and discounts on merchandise? Become a LIFF Friend for €75 a year (only €6.25 a month!)!

Your benefits as a LIFF Friend during LIFF 2023:

  • Get regular tickets 48 hours before ticket sales start.
  • Enjoy a selection of unique film screenings for free.
  • Receive a LIFF-item made by artist Joosje Bosch.
  • Exclusive access to the Summer Special drinks.

How to order tickets as a LIFF Friend?

After you've paid your membership fee, you will receive a unique code in your e-mail box. Enter this code in the bar under ticket type 'LIFF-Friend'. Next, click 'add'. When the bar turns green, your code has been verified. Now complete the ordering process.

Would you like to support LIFF for more than 75,- euros a year? Please send an e-mail to


Leiden International Film Festival has a Cultural ANBI status. This means that you can donate to us at an advantageous rate. For donators of cultural ANBIs, an extra gift deduction applies. Private individuals may multiply a donation to a cultural ANBI by 1.25 in their income tax return and deduct it as a gift. Companies subject to corporate income tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of such a donation in their corporate income tax return.